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Jo Elle, also known as PrincessThirteen00, is a Wattpader since December 2012. She is a Wattpad Star and Paid Stories writer.She is currently a Creator Operations Associate and a Wattpad Senior Ambassador under the Philippine and Australian Teams. She is also a former Story Reviewer Associate, Content Associate for Filipino Paid Stories, and Wattys Associate.She requires a supply of either hazelnut coffee or hot chocolate with mallows, but could also be seen with her mug of latte.

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A Wattpad Now host (and guest) on Kumu for Seasons 1 and 2!

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Bittersweet Kiss in Batangas

TDS: Bittersweet Kiss in Batangas

To Do Is To Dare

To Do is To Dare

A Project INSPIRE book. This is a short story collection by the Wrecked Reality Series authors (PrincessThirteen00, lena0209, thexwhys, TheMargauxDy, ice_freeze, legendarie, and Vampiriaxx).

To Do Is To Dare

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Appreciation Wall

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